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Learn more about our upcoming game

"The Night Wanderer" is a hybrid of RPG and soulslike genres, characterized by unique solutions and an innovative approach to tried-and-true mechanics. The game utilizes level design known from Metroidvania games and a combat system native to soulsborne productions, which emphasizes dynamic yet tactical gameplay.

At the same time, a significant aspect of the whole experience is a clearly outlined, engaging storyline; the game features quest design known to avid fans of classic RPGs.

Based on the award-winning novel by Jarosław Grzędowicz, the player takes on the role of Vuko Drakkainen, an elite soldier and mercenary who embarks on a solitary mission to the uncharted alien planet. Playing as Vuko, shed your spacesuit and don an armor. Several scientists from a previous expedition went missing on Midgaard, a planet inhabited by beings remarkably reminiscent of the people of our Early Middle Ages. The planet is surrounded by a radiation field that distorts and damages all forms of advanced technology.

The part of the world where the game's action takes place shows strong resemblance to Earth's Scandinavia.​ The planet hides many secrets and its mysterious forces change everything within its reach: creatures, objects, and even people. It significantly influences the world that Vuko travels and interacts with, as well as shapes key gameplay features such as combat and character interactions. Learning the planet's mysteries is bound to unravel what happened to the scientists you seek.

During his journey, Vuko is accompanied by Cyphral - a biological AI connected to the hero's nervous system, whose task is to support him in his dangerous mission and greatly increase his strength, reflexes, and endurance. Cyphral's presence will help the player when facing the unknown. Vuko will have to traverse otherworldly lands inhabited by tribes and beasts and uncover what is really happening on this strange, alien world.




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Concept art for "The Night Wanderer" - a humanoid, eyeless monster with overgrown hand and spine
Concept art for "The Night Wanderer" game - two obelisks on snowy hill surrounded by tents
Concept art for "The Night Wanderer" game main character - Vuko Drakkainen, in an armor with a sword in his hand