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about us

Access the world of innovative entertainment by Mighty Koi

Welcome to Mighty Koi S.A. - a dynamic technological studio that has been developing AA and AAA video games for PC and consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) since 2022. Our headquarters are located in Lublin. We also have a modern office in Warsaw. We are a Polish company with rights to unique IPs such as Thorgal and The Ice Garden, which form the foundation of our digital products.

Our value: creating world-class productions

Our primary goal is to deliver electronic entertainment at the highest global level. Our productions stand out not only for their tremendous focus on quality but also for innovation and unforgettable visual immersion. We focus on telling elaborate stories with multidimensional characters, encouraging players to make difficult and thought-provoking decisions.

Innovation in production processes

Thanks to access to proprietary technological tools such as artificial intelligence, photogrammetry, and auto-generators, our production processes achieve exceptional efficiency. We pioneer in modern technology, allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality for our products. We are also interested in film, animation, and comics production, as well as creating derivative products based on our games in collaboration with well-known brands.

International team of specialists

Mighty Koi is a community of almost 100 talented specialists from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, and the United States. Our leaders have gained experience in key positions for renowned companies such as Fromsoftware, Konami, Ubisoft, Wargaming, CD Projekt, and Techland.

Leaders in the world of animation

Mighty Koi owns Mroya Studio - www.mroya.studio, specializing in 3D graphics, animation, and special effects for film, advertising, and video game production. Mroya Studio is one of the most esteemed animation studios in Europe, collaborating with Unreal Engine, an official Partner of Epic Games. Their unique technical expertise and experience in working with top players guarantee the highest quality effects.

Business partnerships

Mighty Koi partners with companies such as AMD, NVIDIA, SAMSUNG, Mastercard, Mediatoon, Egmont, and Fabryka Słów. Our strong business relationships help us shape the creative industry and maintain the highest standards of our productions, as well as collaborate with international market leaders.

Our vision

We aspire not only to become a market leader but also to have a real impact on shaping the future of the creative industry. Our mission is based on building trust and recognition among players through high quality and open, honest communication. We respect our Customers and Business Partners by engaging in each project with the full commitment of our team and delivering the highest quality products that deeply resonate with players' hearts and minds.

Our business philosophy

In our approach to game development, we emphasize two key pillars: achieving the highest quality while respecting creative freedom and financial stability. Our business model is based on full engagement in the production process of video games, animations, and derivative products.

We bring our creativity and passion to every aspect of the process - from developing the vision, through planning, implementing innovative technological solutions, to meticulous production scheduling, promotion, and distribution. Our commitment also includes direct relationships with the gaming community, as their opinions are invaluable to us. We strive to maintain a balance between artistic freedom and a strategic financial approach, making our projects sustainable and achieving success both artistically and commercially.

Our values:

  • Fair play: All our employees, players, and business partners are treated with absolute respect and honesty. We believe in fair and ethical play in all aspects of our business.

  • Team: Our strength lies in an experienced, professional team that shares a passion for collaborative creation. We attach great importance to diversity - we aim to create a multicultural environment full of tolerance and openness to different worldviews.

  • Inclusion: Our business is based on inclusion of different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. We strongly oppose all forms of racism, homophobia, and xenophobia. Tolerance is a key element in maintaining an inspiring atmosphere that stimulates creativity and innovation throughout the team.

  • Partnership: We create international projects in collaboration with partners from the most important global markets. We believe that cooperation is the key to the success of both parties, making each partnership a valuable opportunity for achieving common goals.